Show or Feel....Love Ofcourse!!!

So do you believe in showing your love in special ways, or let them feel it without any means of Expression?

I believe this is an individual preference and in a relationship the couples decision. Whats my take on this, I love showing my love in various different ways I write poems, cook favorite food, take extra extra care when sick, plan a special birthday or trip, plan birthday gifts with care, buy a special treat etc etc. This is not just for the special someone but for every relationship in my life.

I have a motto on "Should I show or let them feel"

How can they feel if there is no Show? Should I read into the smile at different times, should I decode the sparkle in the eye when they see me. Even when my mom loves me, I see it in the form of a hot snack she makes for me as soon as I come back from work. Even that is show.

Do words help? Yes of course they do. Now do only words help? Absolutely not. I cannot keep telling I care for you but when a time presents to be taken care of I am not available, what is point of the words at that point, they are empty. They are hollow hope, that just stringing someone along without actual investment.

Love in any form should be a combination of show tell and feel. It also depends on situations, timing of everything revolving around us. We will always have busy work schedule, meetings, Classes for children, birthday parties, social gathering. Its on us to take time to share, care and love the ones that we consider important in our lives. Its never too late to start.

So suggestions to at least consider:

To a girlfriend, show your love to him
To a boyfriend, stop being a guy and show you care
To a father, display your love to your kids, now is the time
To a mother, if you are happy, you would be able to give happy, pause, and take a deep breath sometimes
To a Wife, make time for those little moments to show
To a Husband, little actions go a long way
To a Friend, its rare to find a soulmate cherish and show it
To a Girl, pamper yourself love yourself
To a Guy, take some time for hobbies and feel good within

So share with me your experiences on how you do it?

Have a Lovey Dovey Friday


  1. Excellent blog post. Loved reading it. My experience? We always followed 2 principles. Never go to bed angry, Resolve the problem, whatever may be, before going to bed. Another one is when someone is talking, listen to that person as if the words coming out of that person is the most important thing in your life.

    1. Thanks for your comment SG. I like that rule not going to bed angry and being a genuinely good listener. I am sure you could be a successful relationship coach.

  2. LOVE the blog.
    LOVE the post.
    I’m in LOVE with the word LOVE.

    Linda Wolfe

    1. Thank you for your comment Linda, there could be no one who would know LOVE better that you since you have tried and gone down that path 23 times. You go Girl. Kudos to you. I LOVE YOU Linda.

  3. Reading your post, I was reminded of the common adage in judiciary -- justice should not just be done, but it should be seen to be done.
    It is not enough to love, but the other person should feel the love.
    Your sentence, "Love in any form should be a combination of show tell and feel", summaries your post well.
    A meaningful post. Quite thought-provoking as well.

    1. Thank you for your comment Pradeep. I hope we all take time to show love to our loved ones, instead of assuming they know how we feel.


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