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Show or Feel....Love Ofcourse!!!

So do you believe in showing your love in special ways, or let them feel it without any means of Expression? I believe this is an individual preference and in a relationship the couples decision. Whats my take on this, I love showing my love in various different ways I write poems, cook favorite food, take extra extra care when sick, plan a special birthday or trip, plan birthday gifts with care, buy a special treat etc etc. This is not just for the special someone but for every relationship in my life. I have a motto on "Should I show or let them feel" How can they feel if there is no Show? Should I read into the smile at different times, should I decode the sparkle in the eye when they see me. Even when my mom loves me, I see it in the form of a hot snack she makes for me as soon as I come back from work. Even that is show. Do words help? Yes of course they do. Now do only words help? Absolutely not. I cannot keep telling I care for you but when a tim

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